Welcome to Bows and Skyscrapers!

Welcome to Bows and Skyscrapers! Email us at bowsandskyscrapers@gmail.com! Follow us on Google+ at Bows Skyscrapers!

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Welcome! (Blog Post #1)

Welcome to Bows and Skyscrapers Fashion Blog, where the sky the limit (a little pun there, for all you pun-derful  pun lovers out there)! Join us on this amazing journey through the world of fashion and fun! Ariel is a talented young artist with a passion for fashion! She enjoys designing and sewing her own über-chic outfits and giving rocking fashion advice. Meet the rest of the team by clicking on their names here: Bows and Skyscrapers, Tiger Lily, mozzarella, and Adathi. You can also meet them by clicking on the contributors box. Here at Bows and Skyscrapers, we believe that you can rock whatever you're wearing with a little sparkle and pizzazz, because we are sweet, like bows, but won’t let anything tear us down, like skyscrapers! Stay strong! Also, for more info, please contact us at bowsandskyscrapers@gmail.com!

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